What is Pima Cotton?

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is classified as "extra long staple cotton", a term that refers to the length of the cotton fibers. A cotton’s fibers need to be at least 1 3/8” long to earn the extra-long staple (ELS) designation. The longer, finer fibers produce a silkier, softer fabric. The Pima cotton fabric is also stronger and more resistant to fraying and pilling, wrinkling and fading. Only a fraction of cotton grown in the world is classified as Pima. Pima is usually grown in the United States or Peru. Supima is actually a trademarked name that is grown in the United States, usually California. 


What is Swiss Cotton?

Cotton that can be labelled as Swiss Cotton or Swiss-Made Cotton is known to be of a uniquely high quality. The manufacturing steps that take place in Switzerland are critical to the quality of the final garment. The dying, printing and finishing of the Pima cotton fabric are what provide the incredible silky feel and luster to our Swiss made cotton. These precise and meticulous steps are costly and only a small number of artisan mills are able to provide this quality. 


What is mercerized cotton?

Mercerizing and causticizing are finishing processes in which the cotton becomes stretched and exposed to caustic or alkaline substances. The fabrics achieve a silky and wash resistant luster, improved grip and tear resistance, a more stable shape and increased tensile strength. Our manufacturers in Switzerland and Austria are specialists in this process and have developed technical innovations for superior quality.

The finishing process, in addition to the quality of the cotton fabric, is what imparts the dressy finish to our luxurious cotton tees and results in a versatile garment that can be dressed up or down - a simple but essential wardrobe basic that can be worn to work, to an evening event, or on the weekend. 


Customer Trust

Just as there is cashmere and there is cashmere, there is cotton and then there is cotton. Customers searching for a pima cotton t shirt that has a truly luxurious feel and look may rely on the quality of our fabrics. Dedication and love for the softest and most wonderful cotton is why we have partnered with the finest heritage mills worldwide who have refined each step of the process over generations.