A Dressy Tee

We are often asked what is it that dresses up a simple tee? Is it the stitch of the knitting, cut, color, details? We work only with the finest cotton knits in the world and we select only those we believe will produce the most refined, luxurious and dressy tees. A tee you can wear to work or all weekend. A layering tee that can be worn under a blazer or cashmere sweater or tucked into a skirt.

Here are a few factors:

- Softness: It starts with the cotton fibers, and greige made from selectively grown and picked long staple fibers

- Body: Like great bedding, the fabric must have some structure to it - It should be soft, but if it is only soft, it will can be floppy or clingy

- Density and elongation of the knit loops, compactness of the knit

- Finishing: We work exclusively with mercerised cotton which smooths and finishes the fabric and produces a silky, soft touch feel and natural luster

- Pure cotton: we never blend with spandex or lesser quality fibers