Luxury to Live In

For us true luxury means feeling completely at home in one's own skin. And this requires fabric of the very highest quality.

Day to Night

Simplify your wardrobe with luxury tees in the purest, softest, breathable pima that can be dressed up or down.

It all begins with our fabrics.

Feel the Difference of Luxury Cotton

Luxury Tee T Shirt To Wear to Work Layering Tee Pima Cotton
100% cotton tees women pima cotton light pink
Dressy Tee Women's V Neck Buttery Soft Pima Cotton

A Whole New Way To Think About Cotton

Inspired by (and borrowing from) the softest, most luxurious sleepwear and luxe bedding, we are reinventing the luxury tee.

Wait, what's so special?

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Luxury Fabrics

The softest cotton starts with the natural fiber and finest raw materials. We source our fabrics from heritage European mills that have refined their luxury quality over generations. This translates into softer, silkier, more refined and longer-lasting garments.


Heritage Cotton

We were tired of thin, flimsy or sheer cotton tees. We use fabric that not only feels amazing but also flatters the body. We believe when you feel confident and comfortable, you are at your most beautiful.


Artisan Finishing

The precise finishing of our fabrics imparts a silky drape, dressy appearance, and natural luster - think the coziest cotton meets a luxurious silk. It's what allows our luxury tees to be paired with a skirt or under a blazer as well as with your favorite jeans.


A Curated Collection

We believe in sophisticated simplicity, that tailored and meticulously cut garments in luxurious fabrics are as exciting as they are versatile. Time is your biggest luxury - less time shopping and styling means more time for what matters most.